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  • Home studies may be required

  • Special regulations surround parents with drug, alcohol, or domestic violence problems

  • Custody will rarely be taken away from both parents

  • Being in the military shouldn't affect your custody or visitation rights

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Legal support through child custody matters

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Pennsylvania child custody laws and regulations

  • Your county may require parenting classes

  • Failure to comply with custody orders may place you in contempt of the court

  • Special needs children usually require unique custody arrangements

  • Grandparents can be awarded custody or visitation rights in special cases

Additional child custody considerations

It's important to remember that child custody matters are truly unique to your family. Only you, the other parent, and your child or children know what will work best. She's here to help you get through the process as peacefully and agreeably as possible.

Child custody litigation is unique to your case

In January 2011, Pennsylvania's legislature passed a new law addressing important issues of child custody. The law affects the way a child custody case proceeds through the courts, and it could impact your ability to have contact with your children.


At the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery, LLC, we are ready to help you navigate the complexities of child custody and visitation. Whether you are a parent or third party such as a grandparent who is seeking parenting time, you can rely on us to work hard to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few of the most important aspects of Pennsylvania's current child custody laws.


Courts have to consider past criminal offenses of parents who are seeking custody. The law requires courts to consider convictions of any member of the parent's household, such as a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Before custody is awarded, a court hearing will be needed to determine that the child would be safe in the household.

Custody And Criminal Convictions

Violent crimes, like assault and battery or domestic violence


Drug offenses




Child endangerment


Sex crimes

Furthermore, under the 2011 law, the list of offenses expanded to include:

Relocation Considerations

A parent who wants to move away with the child now has to take a number of specific steps, especially if the move is out of state or would make it difficult for the other parent to have contact with the child. Before the court will modify the custody order the parent has to fill out forms and give certain information to the court.